Jobs in the World of Fashion


In the world of fashion, the word simple line is used for several different things. A simple line can be a shape or it can refer to the fabric that is inside the garment. This fabric can be hidden or visible. It is commonly used in high fashion. Another type of simple line is the secondary line, which are more affordable styles.

Lesson plan

If your students love fashion and are curious about the latest trends, you can use a lesson plan for fashion to make them understand how the fashion industry works. This lesson plan for fashion features a variety of activities for students of all levels. It teaches vocabulary for the fashion industry and includes a lesson on 3D-printed clothes. It also includes speaking activities that help students explore the impact of the latest technology.


If you’re interested in writing about fashion, you can become a fashion journalist. This job allows you to write about any aspect of the industry, from designers to celebrity trends. Generally, you don’t need specific qualifications for this job, but relevant experience is essential. Having worked with customers and developing customer service skills is also useful.

Career outlook

The fashion industry employs many different types of professionals in various areas. Jobs in the industry are in demand and the opportunities are varied. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook, job growth in the sector is projected to be 8% through 2030.

Sources of textiles

The production of textiles requires resources, such as fossil fuels, chemicals, fertilizers, minerals, metals, and building materials. Almost 20% of these materials are sourced from outside Europe, which leads to significant environmental impacts. Efforts have been made to reduce textile waste by increasing the reuse and recycling rate.


Pleats have been around for centuries, and are used to create a multitude of styles in apparel and textiles. They transform flat fabrics into three-dimensional forms, creating a unique aesthetic. Pleating is a time-honored fashion craft, requiring a great deal of care and meticulousness.


Darts in fashion are folds of fabric that help a piece of clothing fit better. Fabrics that fold inward will not cover a curvy human body, so darts are used to shape the garment. They can be placed in the bust, waist, and hip areas to help a garment fit more closely. When learning to sew, it is important to know how darts are used so that you can create better-looking clothes.


Fashion for activewear is a type of clothing for exercise and sport. This type of clothing is designed to make a person comfortable and safe while exercising or playing sports. There are many reasons to choose sports-specific clothing.