What is Law New?

Law new is a broad term that typically refers to legal services delivered in ways that are different from the traditional way in which these services were provided. Typically, these techniques are meant to benefit clients rather than serve as a means of cost cutting and increasing profit. This practice of law typically involves more flexible fee structures and a focus on process. In addition, it is often done through teams of professionals that are not on the traditional partner track and work out of non-traditional settings. This form of practice is a key part of the legal industry’s ongoing evolution.

As this evolves, the legal industry will become more holistically diverse in its workforce. This will be true of law firms and in-house legal departments as well as corporate allied counsel and outside vendors. This will be true cognitively, demographically, culturally and experientially. This diversity will allow a seamless collaboration that is fluid and solutions-based to significant business challenges and opportunities. The legal function will be integrated with the businesses and societies it serves. This will erase artificial distinctions between provider sources based on economic models, cultures, remits and technology platforms.

Taking into account all of this, there will be an ongoing focus on the legal sector’s ability to deliver services in a way that is both financially beneficial and impactful to society at large. To do so, the legal industry must change its paradigm and embrace customer-centricity. This is a profound paradigm shift that will not happen by itself but requires leadership and participation at all levels of the profession.

Some of the new laws that have recently gone into effect are a good example of this change.

For instance, the Virginia legislature passed a bill that will require drivers to move over or slow down when possible for vehicles on the side of four-lane highways with their hazard lights on. Violators will be punished with a traffic infraction.

Another new law is a law that will stop the “pink tax” that many consumers encounter when they buy items such as shampoo and other personal care products marketed for women that are more expensive than their very similar versions marketed to men. The law will also require employers to provide applicants with more information about their pay before hiring them.

There are many more examples of new law that can be found in the statutes published by the Office of the Attorney General and in New York City agency law and rules (New York City Law, Laws of the City of New York (Public Access Portal), NYC Rules). This type of legal innovation is a way for lawyers to better serve their clients and society at large. This is why NLBM continues to advocate for and support this paradigm shift.