What is Law New?

Law New is a term used to describe the many companies, startups and firm subsidiaries augmenting traditional legal services. These firms often use the moniker “New Law” to promote innovation and to distinguish themselves from traditional firms.

Legislation, or law, is the official set of rules that govern behavior within a country or society. Most laws are created by legislative bodies, such as Congress. New laws are usually proposed in the form of a bill. If approved, a bill becomes a public law or statute—an officially written law, also known as an act.

Once enacted, these laws appear in the Statutes at Large, the permanent collection of public laws (PL) published by GPO. The slip laws can be identified by their PL numbers, which link to the full text when available. All PL bills must have a committee report, which sets forth the purpose and scope of the bill and the reasons for the recommendation to approve it.