What Is Entertaiment?


Entertaiment is the time you spend with something that you enjoy, whether that be a movie, television show, or a screen saver on a computer. The amount you spend on entertainment each year is highly dependent on your circumstances and your personal preferences. It can also include things like massages, immersive multimedia, or even games. Some examples of entertaiment are zoos, where animals are kept for the purpose of entertainment.

It is a place where animals are kept for entertainment

An animal park is a facility where animals are raised for their entertainment. These animals are generally wild or domesticated and are kept for human entertainment. Despite the fact that the animals are raised for human entertainment, they are kept under unusual conditions that make them suffer. In addition to being forced to live in cages, these animals often undergo psychological and physical trauma. Performing acts that are not natural to the animals is also common. Some animals are tortured or beaten to learn tricks.

Zoos are also a source of animal abuse. Whether it is intentional or the result of failure to take action, zoo animals suffer for the sole purpose of entertainment. AMC, Disney+, and Netflix are just a few of the television networks that rely on animal suppliers. One supplier was caught holding dogs in kennels in their garage, while another kept an alligator in a filthy outdoor pit.