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The Daily News is a newspaper published in New York City. Founded in 1919, it was the first successful tabloid in the United States and has since become one of the most influential newspapers in the world. During its heyday in the early 20th century, it regularly reached over 2 million readers daily. It is known for its zesty headlines—perhaps most famously “Ford to City: Drop Dead” during the city’s financial woes in 1975—city coverage, and star columnists such as Jimmy Breslin, Pete Hamill, and Liz Smith. The News also has an extensive photo and cartoon section. The paper is part of the Tronc chain, which owns a large number of major U.S. newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune.

In the 1990s, the News developed a reputation for covering social and political issues and advocating for the underdog. This was highlighted by its 1996 Pulitzer Prize for Distinguished Commentary awarded to E.R. Shipp for his pieces on race, welfare, and social issues. The newspaper was also noted for its investigative reporting, winning another Pulitzer in 1998 for the story of police brutality against Abner Louima.

The newspaper was sold in 2017 for $1 to the Chicago-based newspaper chain, Tronc, which owned a number of other prominent newspapers in the United States. It has struggled in the wake of the rise of digital media, and its circulation has been declining rapidly. In 2016, it had less than half the circulation of its peak in the 1920s.

As a result, the newspaper has cut staff and laid off employees. The company is trying to revive the newspaper’s fortunes by focusing on local politics and national issues. In addition to its daily newspaper, the News offers a variety of online services and apps. The Daily News’s website features breaking news, in-depth investigative reporting, and business coverage. It also provides a wide range of video and audio content.

Each article on this site contains comprehension and critical thinking questions, which are located below each story. These questions help students understand the information they are reading and develop their own opinions about the topics presented. Educators can also use these questions as discussion starters in their classrooms.

Each day, the Daily News selects articles that we believe provide significant insights into the current economic situation. These articles are aggregated into a time series of news sentiment that is updated on a weekly basis. The results are published here. More details about the methodology behind this measure can be found in the FRBSF Economic Letter, “News Sentiment In The Time Of COVID-19.” For more information about using these data with your class, please contact us. We are happy to help you incorporate these tools into your classrooms and curriculum.