Children’s Bureau Law and Rule Changes – What is Law New?

The law is the body of rules and regulations that governs conduct within a society. It is comprised of constitutional, statutory and regulatory laws. Law new refers to legislation that is newly enacted, proposed or introduced for consideration by Congress or another legislative body.

A proposed law is known as a bill, and it may have multiple sponsors. A sponsor is a legislator who presents a bill for consideration, and he or she may be joined by others, known as cosponsors. A bill that is passed by a legislative body and signed by the President or Governor becomes a law.

Once a law is enacted, it is published in the Federal Register and assigned a public law (PL) number. PL numbers link to slip law texts after they have been printed by GPO. The enacted law is also included in the Statutes at Large, which is a permanent collection of all public and private laws enacted by Congress during each session.

City agency law and rule changes

The information on this page is updated as new laws are passed, regulations are issued, or Children’s Bureau policies are announced. This information is intended to provide resources and highlights important legal developments. It does not replace the advice of a lawyer regarding your specific circumstances and does not create an attorney-client or other professional relationship. If you have questions about the information or resources provided here, please contact a Children’s Bureau Regional Program Manager.