The Best Business News Apps

Generally, business news is the information about the activities of the business world. These activities include business transactions, financial activities, economic activities and social changes.

CNBC Breaking Business News

NBC’s flagship financial news app, CNBC Breaking Business News, gives users access to the latest business news, financial data, and market information. This app also provides real-time stock quotes and interactive charts. It’s available on both Android and iPhone.

The app features a personalized news feed with personalized time frames, economic analysis, personal finance news, technology news, and health care news. It also offers video clips of top CNBC commentators. Users can also customize their watch lists.


Those looking for actionable stock market information and market news can count on TheStreet to deliver the goods. This digital financial media company specializes in market news, commentary and specialized resources, all of which are powered by a network of proprietary electronic services.

TheStreet’s laudable adaquate is the company’s new app, which provides an extensive multimedia experience with a bold new interface. The app combines stock market data, articles and videos into one comprehensive package. It also includes the TheStreet ratings system, which uses proprietary data to predict stock performance.


Amongst the many ways Barron’s provides a useful service is its comprehensive financial news coverage and analysis. This includes coverage of the latest market updates, global indexes, economic data releases, and key metrics. Besides, it also features insightful analysis and the best investment ideas.

Amongst its features, the app also includes a new download feature and a user-friendly design. The app also includes an interactive chart, real-time stock quotes, and key metrics.

Skye Schooley

Besides the usual suspects (aka the kids), business owners can learn a thing or two from one of the bumbling buffs on staff. Not to mention the hundreds of millions of dollars in free media exposure and a slew of industry-friendly white label products and services. Some companies are so shady that they’re a hard sell for a job, let alone a contract.

Kevin Hannon

Founder and Wealth Advisor of the Hannon Financial Group, Kevin Hannon brings nearly a decade of experience in the financial services industry to his clients. Based in Oak Brook, Illinois, the Hannon Financial Group provides financial advice and consulting to its clients. It also provides retirement planning, financial education and regular market reviews.

Kevin Hannon began his career with Goldman Sachs & Co., where he worked in the investment management division. He later moved on to Merrill Lynch, where he worked as a Director of Financial Reengineering. In March 2003, he was charged with hiding poor results in a broadband unit. He was also charged with committing securities fraud.