New Law and How it Can Benefit Clients

The legal profession is constantly changing. What works one quarter may not work the next and it is important that lawyers keep their eyes open for new opportunities to help their clients. One idea that has gained popularity is the concept of “New Law.” This term typically refers to a type of practice where a firm is offering services outside of traditional law office settings, with a different business model and using technology. However, it is hard to put a finger on exactly what New Law means. This article aims to define the concept of New Law and to discuss how it can be used to benefit client’s.

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It requires that certain City agencies provide employees and job applicants with notice of federal and state student loan forgiveness programs. It also requires the Department of Citywide Administrative Services to prepare a uniform notice to be distributed by other City departments and to employers in New York City.

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In the second installment of this new series, NYLS Professor Molly Manning, an expert in First Amendment and civil rights law, talks about the importance of freedom of expression and what happens when a free speech controversy turns nasty.

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