Law is Not at His Peak Yet

law new

Law is a field in constant flux. What works for one client may not work for another, and what was cutting edge last year can be the norm this year. This pace of change is why many legal professionals are now embracing the idea of “law new.” Law new is about creating strategies that help clients in innovative ways. It could be helping underserved communities, finding new ways to collaborate with clients, or coming up with other methods of providing services that have not been available in the past.

In the last fifteen years, we have seen an increased emphasis on efficiency in legal delivery — “legal ops.” But this is not innovation. It is good delivery hygiene and a building block for paradigm change that drives customer impact and enhanced experience. The real promise of “law new” is an integrated platform-based legal delivery structure from which agile, fluid, on-demand resources with verifiable material expertise and experience can be sourced in ways that drive client impact, deliver client value and meet growing cost takeout targets. This will consolidate the industry through horizontal and vertical integration, joint ventures, managed services and other collaborative mechanisms. Large law firms and in-house legal departments will continue to be the dominant provider sources but will also increasingly seek to collaborate based on their economic models, cultures, remits, technology platforms, data and end-user expectations.

Jaakko Husa’s book offers a delightful and fresh approach to the comparative study of law, and makes a significant contribution to the subject. It is a must-read for any scholar who wants to do meaningful and stimulating comparative legal research, whether they are an advanced student or an experienced comparatist.

The 2022 California Legislature passed nearly 1,200 bills, and Gov. Gavin Newsom signed most into law. Many of these laws are minor fixes to laws that have already been enacted, while others address specific industries or sectors. Some will have a noticeable impact on daily life for Californians, while others will be phased in over time.

This bill requires that third-party food delivery service providers obtain a license in order to operate within the City. It also amends existing City regulations to require these providers to register with the Department of Consumer Affairs, and to provide certain information to the Department, including their physical address and the names of their owners and operators.

Law is not at his peak yet, but he certainly has potential to reach the level of Yonko Big Mom. His tremendous Haki upgrade and overpowered Devil Fruit ability make him a serious contender to the Yonko, and in Wano Country fans got to see him show off some of his new powers. Hopefully, he will continue to evolve in power as he grows more used to his awakening and gains further Haki upgrades. If he does, he might eventually be able to defeat Blackbeard and become the true Yonko of the Sea!