How to Stay Informed on the Latest Business News

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Business News Daily’s growth marketing initiatives focus on sales enablement and brand enhancement. Kayla is responsible for driving revenue growth through efficient go-to-market strategies. She brings eight years of experience across several industries to the role. Outside of her career, she is actively involved in her community as an online neighborhood association leader and teaches high school students about social media.

Business News Daily

Content marketing specialist Katelyn Andrews has over a decade of experience working with small business owners. With a background in business operations and five years in search engine optimization, she has a unique perspective on what business owners are looking for. In addition to her work with Business News Daily, she also enjoys playing the guitar and listening to audiobooks.

Founded in 2007, Business News Daily is dedicated to giving readers the information they need to stay on top of today’s rapidly evolving business environment. As a result, it is a trusted source for early-stage and startup entrepreneurs. The site features articles from experienced writers on topics ranging from the latest business news to tech trends.

Book of Lists

If you’re interested in making connections in your local business community, the Book of Lists is a great place to start. The publication features a list of top businesses and organizations in each category each week. Its glossy magazine style format provides long-term exposure, and is a valuable resource. Whether you’re a new company or a growing organization, the Book of Lists provides you with the connections and information you need to make your business a success.

The 2022 Book of Lists is a valuable source for business professionals in the area. It features exclusive data and contacts for 30 different business categories. It’s an ideal tool for scouting competition, finding clients, and analyzing the market.

Success & Leadership breakfast series

The Success & Leadership breakfast series is a unique opportunity for business leaders in the community to share their knowledge and experiences. The events feature a guest speaker, a presentation from a faculty member, a question and answer session, and networking opportunities. The series is sponsored by ITU AbsorbTech.

Success & Leadership features top business leaders from companies across Western Australia. Each speaker has a unique perspective on the business landscape and how they achieved their success. Speakers are invited to address a captive audience in a 45-minute moderated in-conversation format. In addition to the keynote presentation, each breakfast will feature an audience Q&A session with the speaker.


If you’re interested in the latest business news, consider listening to a podcast. A podcast is a great way to stay informed without spending a ton of time on the news. These programs are typically free of charge and focus more on ideas and information rather than news. This means that you can dip in and out of the various topics at your convenience.

The first step in creating a podcast is deciding what type of content you want to present. Most podcasts last about 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the content. It is recommended to release episodes weekly, so that you can develop a following and brand. You won’t need a lot of fancy equipment to start your podcast, just a laptop, audio editing software, and a good microphone.