Five Meanings of Entertaiment


Entertaiment is a broad term that refers to the entertainment industry. It is sometimes abbreviated as entmt. Most often, this term is used in the entertainment industry, though it is also used as shorthand in headlines and television news banners. The term is not often used in general prose.

Entertaiment purveyor

Purveyor of entertainment is an independent production company that produces cutting-edge programming for multiple platforms. Founded in 2010, the company specializes in original programming that taps into the zeitgeist of pop culture. Its founders have created numerous TV series, including several iterations of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise.

Entertaiment abbreviation

The abbreviation ENT stands for entertainment. The term is often abbreviated in headlines, but not in general prose. The word ENT has several other meanings. Below are five of them, with links to the definitions. Some of them are in English, while others are in the local language.