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Business news is the part of journalism that tracks, records and interprets the commercial and economic activities and changes in societies. This kind of news is usually published in newspapers, magazines, radio, television-news shows and websites. The scope of business news is generally broad and includes all aspects of the economy. The news articles and broadcasts typically provide information about stock market, finance, investment, corporate, entrepreneurial, retail and consumer issues. The origins of business news can be traced to the beginnings of commerce in the 18th century. Around 1700, Daniel Defoe, best known for his novels, began publishing business news. The famous muckraker Ida Tarbell is also credited with launching business journalism as a profession in the 19th century.

Today, businesses are a major source of employment and income. They operate as limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and various other legal entities. In addition to selling their own products, many businesses sell the products of others. A common type of business is a restaurant. Another is a mattress production business. Other popular business ventures include real estate, marketing and advertising, and telecommunications. A business is often described by the industry in which it operates, such as the “real estate business” or the “music business.”

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