Healthy Hair Care Habits for Healthy Hair in the Fall

hair care habits

Adding healthy hair care habits to your routine this summer is an excellent way to avoid thinning in the fall. Here are a few tips that will help you achieve beautiful locks throughout the season. By using the right shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum, you’ll have a head of healthy locks for the fall. Avoid hot showers and use a hair serum that nourishes the hair. Using a hot shower may cause your hair to dry out and break, so take a cool shower to keep it moisturized and hydrated.

Introducing 2021’s healthy hair care habits

In the wake of coronavirus outbreaks and soaring hair color costs, consumers will seek out eco-friendly haircare formulations. Many consumers are taking their first steps into at-home hair color. However, experts predict that consumers will continue to purchase affordable coloring products in 2021. In addition, salons will continue to create user-friendly hair maintenance products. And while many consumers are embracing at-home hair color, many of them will still choose to visit their local salon.

Choosing a shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo can be a bit stressful. You’ve probably heard about hydrating, strengthening, and smoothing shampoos, but how do you know which one is right for your hair? Consider these factors when you’re picking out a new one:

Choosing a hair serum

Choosing the right hair serum for your routine can be challenging. After all, different hair care products may address different hair concerns. A volumising shampoo will not work on limp hair, or a straightening iron will not work on curly hair. Fortunately, there are several different types of hair serums, and some work on multiple problems at once. Others are more specific in their application and can only be used for certain needs.

Avoiding hot showers

A hot shower is bad for your hair. Hot water strips hair of natural oils, which can lead to dandruff and other flaky conditions. Also, it inhibits hair growth. Instead, take a cool, lukewarm shower instead. Hot water is also not good for the skin. Hot water also dehydrates the scalp, resulting in excessive dryness. Hot water can also damage hair’s cuticles, causing it to dry out.

Using a straightening iron on wet hair

You may have heard that using a straightening iron on wet, or almost-wet, hair can cause damage. After all, you have probably heard the sounds of strands sizzling when the iron comes in contact with water. Thankfully, you can avoid damaging your hair and wasting time with this common styling mistake. Listed below are a few tips for using a straightening iron on wet hair.