The Entertaiment Industry


Entertaiment is an industry that focuses on the creation of entertainment and leisure. It includes music, shows, and zoo animals. It is a broad term, and has many different definitions. The term came from Frank Bellew, who coined it in The Art of Amusing Yourself.

It includes music

Various genres of music have long been used to entertain audiences, from regular gigs to musicals to concerts. The music is a vital part of a show, and helps set the mood and make it more entertaining. It is also used to direct the audience. For example, fast-paced music can be used to create an intense scene in a musical. It can also be used to evoke a particular emotion, such as fear or excitement.

It includes zoo animals

Zoo animals are protected under international, state, and local laws, including the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). These treaties regulate the movement and trade of endangered species. There are three appendices to CITES, which list species of particular concern. Appendix I animals are the most protected, while Appendix III animals receive the least protection. Membership in the Convention is entirely voluntary. Animals housed in zoos prior to 1973 are not covered under CITES provisions.

Zoos have existed for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, rulers kept animals in small cages to display their wealth. But over time, society’s attitudes have changed, and the public has become wary of these caged creatures. In today’s world, people prefer to see zoo animals in natural habitats, and are not willing to look at them in cages. However, proponents of zoos argue that zoos are necessary for education, conservation, science, and recreation. But in the end, zoos are not helping the animals.