New Law in Canada

Amid the ever-changing world of legal practice, a buzzword that is getting more and more attention is “new law.” New law refers to a variety of strategies that lawyers can use to better serve their clients. It often focuses on offering legal services in different ways, using new technology and utilizing fee structures that are not traditional. This form of practice is a growing area of legal work and lawyers should take the time to understand how they can utilize this concept to their benefit.

New laws

The legislative process in Canada involves creating draft policy proposals, or bills, which then go through Cabinet for approval and, ultimately, become laws. The Government publishes a list of laws that have been enacted, vetoed or failed to pass during a given session. You can search for the new laws that have been enacted in the past year or select a specific year to see the laws passed in that particular legislative period.

You may also be interested in a more complete legislative history, or the law books that have been published during a legislative period. These publications provide a comprehensive view of the law in that particular country. These publications are available for purchase on the Law Commission of Canada website.