How to Write Business News

Business news is the type of journalism that covers economic and financial activities, as well as commercial aspects of a particular country or company. It is a major segment of the overall field of business journalism, and includes topics that range from the latest corporate acquisitions to the impact of global events on the economy. Business news is often published in newspapers, magazines and on television and radio. It is also sometimes published in trade publications, which focus on specific industries or issues that affect their target audience.

When writing business news, it is important to use the proper vocabulary and terminology. Avoid using slang or jargon that would be unfamiliar to the average reader, and keep in mind that most readers are not necessarily business professionals. In addition, it is helpful to include a brief history of the subject in order to provide context and help the reader understand the significance of the topic at hand. It is also recommended that you seek the advice of a professional editor before publishing your business news article to ensure that it is free of errors and is clear and concise.

The best way to write your business news is to start with a strong lead statement that grabs the attention of potential readers. Then, follow up with all of the relevant information about the event or announcement, including the basics such as when and where it took place, who was involved, and why it’s newsworthy. Finally, end your story with a paragraph that clearly states the contact information for anyone who may have further questions or concerns.

To find the most up-to-date business news, it is often helpful to check out multiple sources. Many general news websites offer a broad selection of business-related content, but there are also specific sites that offer more in-depth coverage such as The Wall Street Journal, which offers the latest stock market and financial earnings reports as well as in-depth analysis and editorials. CNBC is another popular choice for business news, featuring global stories in areas such as entrepreneurship, venture capital, personal finance and tech trends.

In addition to these main sources, there are many industry guides and databases available that will help you find specific news and events within your own field of expertise. These tools will allow you to filter out the noise and identify the most pertinent business news articles to suit your needs.

In addition to the online resources available, there are also print and microform business news sources at the Library of Congress that you can access by visiting a research room or using our Remote Access program. To learn more about these options, visit the Research in Print and Microform page of this guide.