Change Your Hair Care Habits to Prevent Further Damage

hair care habits

Damaged hair is prone to breakage and is unattractive. Continued damage can cause thinning hair and bald spots. Change your hair care habits to prevent further damage. Here are some tips to make the best of your hair care routine. Make the following changes to your hair care routine:

Washing hair too often

Using shampoo too often can cause several problems for your hair. Too much washing can cause dryness and loss of natural oils, making it harder to comb. Additionally, washing your hair too often can make it brittle and prone to breakage. While every person’s hair is different, it is important to follow the instructions on the packaging. In addition to the ingredients in shampoo, it is also important to avoid the products that are harmful for your hair.

Using a straightening iron on wet hair

Wet hair is one of the most fragile types of hair, which means that straightening it when it is damp can cause damage. This method of straightening your hair puts the water in your hair directly in contact with the heat of the straightening iron. As water evaporates and turns into gas, it will try to escape from the hair strands. Hence, the sizzling sound you will hear when straightening your hair is actually the water turning into gas. Furthermore, it is irreversible; even heat protectants can’t repair this damage.

Using a blow dryer on wet hair

The best way to prevent damage to wet hair is to avoid direct heat when drying it. Using direct heat to dry wet hair can cause irreversible damage. If you must use direct heat on your wet hair, wait at least fifteen minutes before you begin drying it. Then, gradually increase the heat on your blow dryer. For the best results, dry hair slowly and gently, working from one section to the next.

Avoiding hot showers

When it comes to skin and hair care, avoiding hot showers is important. Hot water can damage the moisture barrier on your skin and hair, resulting in dry, cracked skin. Also, hot water will strip your shampoo from your hair, preventing it from being fully rinsed. Also, hot water can damage the cuticles of your hair, which make it more susceptible to damage from the sun, harsh detergents, and excessive drying.

Using conditioner instead of shampoo

Using conditioner instead of shampoo is a great habit to develop, even if you don’t have oily or curly hair. Leaving conditioner in your hair after shampooing can weigh it down and reduce its volume. Using conditioner before shampoo will give your hair that extra bounce it needs. However, make sure to choose a good conditioner for your particular type of hair. If you have thick, oily hair, you’ll want to use a volumizing conditioner, and if you have dry, thin hair, you might want to choose a less oily, non-greasy one.